We are with you all the way through your divorce

123 Divorce is a divorce and family legal service provider, providing quick and affordable divorce expertise.

Our family law experts understand the emotional turmoil you’re going through and have only yours and your family’s best interest at heart.

That’s why we do everything we can to put you at ease during your divorce: our passionate family law experts offer personalised advice regarding divorce, financial arrangements / disputes, cohabitation issues, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, child contact disputes and other family law issues. 123 Divorce are here to guide and reassure you every step of the way. For more about our family law services and divorce options please see or product page.

With our help, divorce can be as simple and easy as

We are passionate about making our divorce and family law services affordable for everyone throughout England & Wales. This fundamental value is instilled in all our work: to help you achieve access to justice by providing you with affordable yet high-quality divorce and family law expertise. affordable

Our goal is to negotiate a quick, equitable and fixed-fee divorce outcome that’s beneficial for your family, to achieve long-term stability, and to protect your children from becoming ‘collaterally damage’ during your divorce process.  We are not incentivised to draw out your divorce like traditional lawyers can do.

Our comprehensive divorce and family law services can be accessed online anytime 24/7 and, on any mobile or tablet device, meaning that you can always conveniently access expert divorce and family law advice and services, online at any time in order to work around your busy schedule.

You’re in safe hands with us

We understand the difficulties which come with divorce and family separation, so we strive to make the experience and divorce process as simple and easy as 1.2.3.™; that’s why we deal with all of the divorce paperwork, so that you can continue with your everyday life, relaxed in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. 

We’re here for everyone

Are you frustrated by the legal profession categorising you as a ‘special group’ and pricing you differently from heterosexual couples?

We believe that your sexuality shouldn’t come into the pricing equation when dealing with divorce and family law issues.

We’re here to challenge this discrimination and to support the LGBT community with divorce and family law services that offer equality and fair pricing.


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