We had a great time at the Introbiz Expo VIP after party, with Grant Cardone & Elena Cardone where we won two awards.

The winner of Best Medium Stand was 123 Divorce. Their stand stood out because of their insistent use of anything pink, if it wasn’t pink, it wasn’t allowed on the stand! Their theory is, in a time of grey, they will be the colour in your life, helping you through the difficult times brought on by a divorce. This branding really makes them stand out and we believe this deserved an award.

Peruse our website here 👉 https://www.123divorce.co.uk/

Source: Introbiz
Soucre: Hummingbird Creative

123 Divorce didn’t just win Best Medium Stand, they also won 2nd Best Marketing! As aforementioned, their pink campaign is hard to miss. They stand out from the crowd and that is what good marketing is all about. Congratulations 123 Divorce! (we would like to thank Mike Armstrong from MA Consultancy and Marketing Wales, for helping us with the Marketing.

Source: Hummingbird Creative