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What if my partner threatens to oppose (DEFEND) the dissolution of our marriage/civil partnership?

Even if your divorce is straightforward, if your spouse wishes to defend against proceedings, we will be able to represent you. Although such scenarios are outside our fixed-fee services, we do offer an affordable bespoke package.

A spouse/civil partner who doesn’t wish for dissolution of their relationship, and is therefore unwilling to accept that it’s over, will have the opportunity to ‘defend/contest’ the divorce/civil partnership dissolution.  The District Judge will seek an audience with both parties and give each party an opportunity to explain their circumstances. This means a court appearance, legal advice and attendance, additional legal costs and court fees. These situations are extremely rare and only 5% of applications per year are defended/contested.

If you suspect that your spouse/civil partner may not co-operate with your divorce/civil partnership dissolution then please contact us first via e-mail or telephone so that we can help and advise you on the best option.

Worst case scenario is that you remain separated for 5 years’ before applying to dissolve you marriage/civil partnership.

See Can I still get divorced even if my spouse tells me that they will not co-operate with the forms and will be obstructive on our FAQ page?

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