1. 14:08, 23 JAN 2019

A dad has revealed how his divorce was turned into a toxic battlefield – with mounting legal bills – by his wife’s ‘aggressive solicitor’,  who he claims was was a real man-hater.

The man says his  wife, encouraged by her solicitor,  was making more and more unreasonable demands, including handing over 100% of their assets – and  paying off her previous ex-husband’s debts.  The case is now being been used as example of why ‘aggressive  solicitors’ can cause far more harm than good in family law matters.

Divorce law experts Divorce Negotiator Ltd said: “There are definitely times when solicitors need to be aggressive, so we are not condemning all solicitors for taking this stance, but taking an aggressive stance, when an amicable divorce is being sought, will only antagonise both sides.

“Making unachievable requests as part of a divorce settlement only prolongs the divorce settlement causing distress for both parties. The requesting party does not receive the entitlement promised by the aggressive solicitor as it so unreasonable, whilst the other party wastes time and money negotiating to a reasonable point.”

123 Divorce Comments : This is shocking to read. Our goal is to provide a solution that benefits the whole family and to prevent this  level of acrimony from escalating out of proportion. Huge legal bills and huge acrimony is a recipe for disaster. The only winners in this scenario are the lawyers themselves.

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