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The actor and actress publicly announced their split in April 2018

Source: Channing Tatum Details Life as a Single Dad Amid Jenna Dewan Divorce

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Channing Tatum is prioritizing his relationship with daughter Everly Tatum in his divorce from Jenna Dewan.

Court documents obtained by E! News reveal that since their split last year, Tatum and Dewan have not followed a “consistent or formal” schedule and Channing hopes that having an official custody arrangement will help Everly “thrive even more.”

According to the documents, Channing hopes to have a custody arrangement that is “equal, mutual and self-executing.”

Furthermore, Tatum requests to have custody of the five-year-old on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Jenna will be responsible for her care on Wednesday and Thursday. The parents will alternate visitation on the weekends. 

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When getting a divorce it can be important to get your visitation agreement set out in law, rather than via a self-executing agreement in case the will of the parents change over time.

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