Petitioner Package
Divorce Only £395 (inc VAT)

123 Divorce provides comprehensive and affordable fixed-fee divorces.

Our process is as simple and easy as 1.2.3.™, but our ethos is affordable for everyone, beneficial for the whole family and convenient for you.


Petitioner - Divorce Only

We believe that a family separation doesn’t have to be a negative and emotionally traumatic experience, but can be balanced and fair, civilised and amicable – rather than gladiatorial, acrimonious and adversarial.

Divorce can be straightforward, wherein the family ‘money pot’ isn’t wasted away with legal fees and your children aren’t emotionally traumatised by the divorce process.

We will guide you every step of the way. You’re in safe hands.

Our divorce only service covers agreed / uncontested divorces where a spouse does not ‘defend’ the divorce. 99% of divorces in England and Wales are not defended.
Our divorce only service doesn’t include a legally binding  clean break. We strongly recommend our combined 2-in-1 ‘Fixed-Fee Solicitor Agreed / Uncontested Divorce & Clean Break services before deciding your course of action.

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Our Divorce Service

Our divorce only package for an uncontested divorce is carried out by a qualified and experienced family solicitor, every step of the way.


  • Drafting of all divorce documents; including application for divorce/civil partnership, application for nisi/conditional order and absolute / final order and filed with the court
  • All correspondence to and from the court and your spouse/partner or their legal representative
  • Court fees exemption/remission calculated for you (if applicable)
  • 30 minutes of one-to-one legal advice with one of our solicitors


Petitioner - Divorce Only
Why Choose Us
Affordable & Comprehensive
NO Hidden Costs
NO Court Attendance
NO Confusing Forms
NO Face-to-Face Appointments Necessary
10+ Year Qualified Family Law Solicitor
Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Contact
Quick Turnaround
Fixed Price Divorce

123 Divorce Fee:      £395 (inc. VAT) on purchase

Court Fee:                 £550 (inc. VAT) on submission to court

TOTAL:                      £945 (inc. VAT)

All court fees (subject to change by HMCTS), are payable by you directly to the court except in cases where you may be eligible for a remission/exemption. If you are on a low income, DWP applicable benefits or low disposable income, we are happy to advise you and provide the necessary form for you to complete.


Petitioner - Divorce Only
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